The creative way of playing



The creative way of playing

We are excited to unveil DollsWalls Designer, a groundbreaking analog creative product for children. With three thrilling phases – paint, build, and play – DollsWalls Designer redefines screen-free play, inspiring endless joy without the need for apps or screens.

DollsWalls Designer is not just another ordinary toy; it offers a unique and screen-free experience, providing children with a refreshing break from the digital world. In the first phase, kids unleash their artistic talents, painting and decorating their own doll furniture with high-quality sturdy cardboard.

The next phase involves building the furniture using durable and reliable materials. This hands-on process fosters creativity, delivering a sensory and engaging playtime experience, far from digital devices.

Finally, the magic comes to life as children indulge in imaginative play with their beautifully crafted doll furniture. Their screen-free adventures unfold, weaving stories and excitement for hours on end.

DollsWalls Designer stands as a conscious choice for parents valuing analog play experiences. It empowers kids to explore creativity, develop fine motor skills, and immerse in imaginative play—all without the need for apps or screens.

With DollsWalls Designer, let’s embrace the joy of analog play and offer children an exceptional and enriching experience to cherish. This groundbreaking product is sure to captivate both kids and parents alike, setting new standards in the toy industry.

We are confident that DollsWalls Designer will be an exciting and sought-after addition to your product assortment. Step into a world of screen-free wonder with DollsWalls Designer!


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