AR list

Here’s an overview of all AR functions in the DollsWalls sets.



Try to move over the stove, seems like someone is preparing breakfast.

Try to watch the poster art in the walls through your lens.

It’s a nice day outside, maybe you should look at the flower bushes.

Look at the table. There is pizza for lunch, but what do we have for afternoon coffee?



Playing all day can make your clothes dirty, take a look at the washing machine.

If you use the toilet, remember to flush!

Preparing to go to bed? Take a look at the mirror on the wall.

Nothing better then a shower after a long day. Look at the shower curtains.

It’s a nice day outside maybe you should look at the flower bushes.


Living room:

Aaahhhhhh… Wouldn’t it be great to watch some TV?

Someone’s having a party… Where’s the music coming from?

Creating memories is the best. Have a look at some of the memories hanging on the wall.

How’s the weather? The flowers are so pretty!



Those Moon sheets are so cute! Is someone sleeping in the bed?

Someone is snooring!! It might be the one sleeping under the ice cream sheets.

What happens when you look at the panda sheets?

The flowers outside look so pretty.

Is that a dragon on the poster?


Pet Shop:

Look at the wall with the panda…. which animal escaped?

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!  Look through the lens at the aquarium.

Love is in the air! Look by the appletree.

What is the gecko looking at?

Cats and dogs, do you recognize their sounds?

That parrot looks smart! Can it talk?


Beauty Salon:

Wow, what’s happening at the shop sign?

Someone’s had a beauty treament, try having a look in the mirror.

While you wait… have a cup of coffee.

Where did you park your bike?

Those trees are perfect for hide-and-seek.


Ice Cream Shop:

Have a look at the flowers outside.

Take a look at the tables, which dessert did you get?

Make yourself a soft ice.

Have a look at the walls… who’s creating art?

Take a look a the shop sign, I wonder who took a bite?



Is the oven ready?

What type of filling is on the pizzas?

Wow, Chef Toni has a lovely singing voice.

Try looking at the tables… Yummy!

Scan the olive tree, and get ready to dance.

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