Pet shop

Welcome to DollsWalls Pet Shop. Come visit Ruth and all the magnificent animals in her shop. You might even leave the store with your next pet. It’s  only your imagination that sets the limits for what happens ih the Pet Shop. Have you seen the counter also is an aquarium? Look through the magic lens in our app and find out what’s going on in the store today.


The Pet Shop includes interior, pets and the doll Ruth. Your child can use their other toys as a part of the play, there are no rules. It is important to us, that children are offered the chance to use their imagination when playing. That's why we try to set a minimal of guides on how to play with DollsWalls.DollsWalls is versatile toys for kids. The play is different each time and the childs imagination is at work, and is a great toy for parents to join in on the fun. Smaller children might need a hand in assembling the different sets.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

8 decorative walls for the pet shop
Fence for dog pen
Ruth, the Pet Shop owner
2 dogs
1 cat
2 bunnies
1 parrot

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With DollsWalls playsets you get lots of hours of creative play. We have 2 different series; Home and City, which allow your children to create the own house, city or shoppingcentre. 

All of the materials we use are approved and don’t contain any harmful substances.  

We want to make it easy and accessible for children to be creative. That is why we are constantly expanding our range with more options for renewing the dollhouses. We want to give the children the opportunity to build their own world, and immerse themselves in the creative processes involved in building a house or an entire city. The children have ample opportunity to mix and match the existing sets themselves, and create their very own dollhouse, which can be renewed and rebuilt all the times the child wants.

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